CEO, Equipment Maintenance Company, Salt Lake City, Utah

I didn’t even know where to start with writing a good job ad, what to call the job or how much to pay. Katie’s team worked with me to identify our differentiators, salary and search strategy. We worked together and made a successful hire of our first Controller .

Managing Partner, CPA Firm, Roseville, California

We have successfully onboarded two individuals in positions that have historically been challenging for my industry to fill. Her assessment skills and advice before, during, and after hiring have been extremely helpful to incorporate the new hires effectively into our firm culture. It was so helpful to utilize an outside perspective during the hiring process. The initial discussions to develop the job postings have led to very efficient processes to hire again as we grew. 

CFO, Specialty Contractor, Rancho Cordova, California

Katie is an amazingly talented recruiter. We met when she was recruiting on behalf of my (now) current employer. She was clear in the beginning that she as working for the employer, but her demeanor and attention made me feel as though I was the client. She had an in-depth knowledge of the company. Not just their needs, but their culture and the personalities of the top management. 

I’ve never seen a recruiter take the time or effort to gain that level of knowledge in an employer, then use that knowledge to carefully screen the candidates to make sure they not only fit the job requirements but also the company culture. Throughout the interviewing and selection process, Katie kept things moving and kept me informed where I stood. In the end I had a choice between two employers, and the one I chose was based very strongly on my trust in Katie. I cannot recommend her strongly enough. She is a dedicated HR professional who is also a CPA, giving her an un-paralleled ability to understand the needs of her clients and effectively screen and recommend candidates. 

CFO, Organic Meat Company, Woodland, California

Trust me, you will never regret the decision to bring these guys on board – few things surprise me anymore, and these guys surprised me in a very good way – they are awesome. 

CEO, Coaching and Business Success Firm

Katie is a rockstar! I've had the pleasure to work with Katie on a number of different levels and every time she has exceeded all of my expectations and delivered at the highest level of integrity. You'd be crazy not to have her on your team and I'd recommend her to anyone looking to build their business.

Finance and Operations Manager, Construction Company

I have had the pleasure of working with Katie on a couple occasions over the past few years. She took the time to get to know me both personally and professionally in order to understand what I was looking for career-wise, and found companies that shared similar values. She was paramount in helping me join the company I am with today, and I could not be happier. Katie is a wealth of knowledge and I would encourage anyone looking to better themselves professionally to reach out and ask for some advice.

Chief Operating Officer, Land Development Company

I have known and worked with Katie for nearly eight years, and when it comes to competent, professional, and knowledgeable financial services and recruitment, Katie is the poster child. She keeps a sharp focus on the issue at hand while maintaining a cheerful and friendly attitude. I know that if Katie is involved in any project, it will be done professionally, accurately, and efficiently.

Human Resources Professional, Service Company

Katie embodies the definition of a Hiring Consulting Advisor. She takes the time to understand businesses and their hiring needs. Katie's easy-going "yes, if" communication style allows her to forge strong relationships with business leaders, candidates, and her team. Katie also asks the hard questions.

Executive Director, Non Profit Organization

I have received great praise from all of my staff who have worked with Katie.

Auctioneer and Professional Speaker

I witnessed Katie give a "ted talk" . She kept the audience engaged and consistently "wanting more." Her charm and wit is something I admire. This is the second talk I've seen her give now and the steady constant is when she speaks people listen. I would highly recommend Katie for your event.