Meet Our Team

Katie McConnell Olson, CPA, PHR

Katie McConnell
Katie McConnell, CPA, PHR
Hiring Consultant

Katie is a licensed CPA and PHR (Certified Public Accountant, Professional of Human Resources).

Katie started her career in corporate tax audit with the Franchise Tax Board. She then entered into public accounting with a regional CPA firm, where she performed audits of publicly traded manufacturing entities and construction companies. Katie exited that firm in 2011 to help launch and run a start-up CPA firm. Thereafter, she entered the talent industry with a worldwide recruitment organization. She re-entered public accounting as Director of Recruitment for a large regional CPA firm where she lead the firm’s in-house talent program. Katie formed a hiring consulting practice within that firm and ultimately exited to launch Hire Education Consulting Group.

Katie has experience serving clients of all sizes and industries. Her focus is in the middle market for growing companies with a focus in construction, manufacturing, professional service and agriculture.

Lauren Torres

Hiring Consultant

Lauren brings a unique blend of experience in accounting, finance, operations, human resources and talent acquisition.


Lauren began her career in accounting working with a technology start-up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Following their merger, Lauren relocated to Boston to lead the accounting department. Upon moving back to California, she fell in love with talent advisory, ultimately finding a career as a finance and accounting recruitment professional. 

Lauren spent several years working within a recruitment agency before blending both worlds as Lead Recruiter of a hiring practice housed within a national CPA firm. In that role, she performed both local and national recruitment projects for companies across the United States. Lauren moved on into VP Finance for a large real estate asset management firm.  

Lauren has experience in various industries, including real estate, tech, professional services, construction and agriculture. 

Mark Haney

Mark Haney
Sacramento Entrepreneur

Mark has built several multi-million dollar companies and is passionate about helping dedicated Sacramento entrepreneurs and business people grow their business.

Through his most recent company, Haney Business Ventures, Mark has invested or partnered in over 25 ventures across multiple industries including Security, Property Development, Construction, Commercial Landscaping, Transportation,  and many others.

Mark is a Sacramento media personality and host of The Mark Haney Show, a weekly radio show focused on entrepreneurial education and inspiration.  Since its debut, the show has garnered widespread acclaim, attracting some of Northern California’s most notable millionaires, billionaires, and startup founders as interview guests. Mark is also a frequent speaker at events throughout Northern California. 

Certified Predictive Index Practitioners

How do you know if a candidate has the behaviors and profile to be successful in the job?

The Predictive Index (PI) is a theory-based, self-report behavioral assessment. The primary goal of PI is to ensure that the person hired for a job role is also the person who best fits that role.

It is based on a 4-Factor Model of Personality: Dominance, Extroversion, Patience, and Formality.

Hire Education Consulting Group is a certified practitioner of the PI.


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